3 Steps to Getting “Fit” For the Big Day

Guest: Michele Jeannette Mackay | Be SomeBody Fit | Central, CA

You get engaged & the excitement consumes you for all-of-a-week before you spiral back to reality and realize “Holy moly, I’m getting married and I have no clue where to start!”

Between the “3 P’s” (Pinteresting, prepping and planning) you now have an entirely new facet added to your life – and though it’s oh-so-exciting – you’re truthfully stressed, already.

Then you start to think about that extra jiggle on your hips and the double-chin that you were somehow genetically gifted with and begin to freak out even more because all you want is to look and feel beautiful and confident on your BIG DAY.

It’s a lot to handle, but there are 3 steps you can take to better mentally navigate your way through #SweatingForTheWedding, so that you can ENJOY the process, instead of letting the anxiety consume you.

Hi, my name is Michele and I’m an Exercise Specialist, Nutritionist and the owner of Be SomeBody Fit. I work primarily with women to help them navigate through their fitness and nutrition journey during change/transition points in their lives.

Considering that getting married is one of the largest transitions a woman can experience, I have worked with several bride-to-be’s and have developed a method for them to successfully balance their mental, emotional, and physical goals leading up to their Big Day.

Step 1. Shift your Mindset – it’s YOUR day

As a bride-to-be, you can expect everyone in your family, your wedding party and perhaps even a few strangers will give you their two cents on what to-do and what-not-to-do on your wedding day.

Truth-be-told, it’s hard – but remember this; It is YOUR day.

Not your mom’s.

Not your Bridesmaid’s.

No one’s day, but you and your partner’s.

Taking the time to shift your mindset into a place that encompasses no one’s opinions but yours and your partner’s, will help extremely in the planning process.

Decision-making will be more efficient. Stress-levels will decrease significantly and overall your wedding day will feel more yours than you imagined possible.

Step 2. Validate your Emotions – there will be MANY

Your emotional state between engagement to wedding will be nothing short of a rollercoaster ride.

Not to scare you, but let’s rattle off a few of them:








More stress.

More LOVE.

Expect tears of all sorts and know THIS – every emotion that you feel is normal and totally valid. Try your best not to let anyone convince you otherwise, because, to go back to Step 1 – it’s your day AKA your emotion AKA valid as valid can be.

My biggest tip, during any point in this process, to manage any such emotion, is to stop, close your eyes and take 10 deep, slow breaths. Your heart rate will decrease, your mind will clear and you’ll feel peace before diving back into the exciting chaos.

Step 3. Move and Fuel your Body – look and feel your BEST

There’s nothing worse than waiting until the last few months before your wedding to get your health and body in-check. I suggest that soon after your engagement, you begin to think seriously about how you want to physically look and feel on your wedding day, as you are taking every other wedding detail.

No matter what exercise you choose to do – Zumba to Powerlifting to Tennis – MOVE YOUR BODY. Sweat & work on that stunning bride-to-be glow at least 4-5x per week for 30 minutes minimum.


Not only will exercise help you to reach your physical wedding goals, but it will also keep your (valid) emotions and hormones balanced, increase your mood and overall, will help you to feel confident in every choice you make.

In terms of Nutrition, there’s no need for a crazy-wedding-crash-diet if you’re proactive in starting early. With my personal clients, I guide them through an 80/20 approach to nutrition.

It looks a little different for everyone, but in essence, this way-of-eating encourages you to eat 80% whole and nutrient-dense foods (lean protein, healthy carbs like fruits/veggies/whole grains, as well as nuts/seeds) and 20% of the foods that keep you sane - like chocolate and wine!

Following a solid 80/20 Fitness and Nutrition approach to your Sweating-for-the-Wedding goals, ensures you will enter into your wedding-week feeling primed and ready to say your vows with CONFIDENCE, not an empty belly.

So what do you think?

Are these three steps doable?

As a bride-to-be myself – I’ll be getting married on October 18th of this year – I can personally attest to this method. It works. It’s fool-proof and it’s a game changer when it comes to preserving your energy for the GOOD STUFF leading up to your special day!

With an upgrade to your mindset, a little emotional validation, some sweat, veggies (and a little wine,) you can’t go wrong.

I hope this quick 3-step method gives you a little guidance leading up to your Big Day.

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