A Peek Inside My Day-of Event Emergency Kit

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

Recently, I released an exclusive behind-the-scenes of what I carry with me day-of to all events. Due to popular demand, I wanted to break it down for you. Now hear me out, I’m not releasing top secret information here. Do an easy google search and you too can put together your own day-of emergency kit.

My kit is filled with items that I have learned are important to have on hand through my experience as an event planner. Each planner will have their own style and kit with different contents based on their own experience and what they feel is needed and important to have.

Each item in this kit is in my bag for a reason. Some of them are included from stories I have heard and events I have personally experienced. I’ll spare you the stories, for now here is a detailed list of the contents in my Day-of Emergency Kit. If you'd like to use this as a checklist to build your own kit, I've provided a list below for reference.

My Day-of Emergency kit is always growing. With experience, comes new lessons. And with each lesson, I learn about additional items I should carry with me and have on hand "just in case". If you have any recommendations, I'd love to hear from you! I'm always looking to improve my kit and welcome any suggestions.

* Keep reading for my top 3 e-kit items *

Here are my top 3 e-kit items:

  1. White Chalk - most may not know this: if there is a stain on a white wedding gown, you can simply rub white chalk on the stain and it will be covered until the dress can go to dry cleaning. Day-of, you're always looking for quick fixes and this will do the trick!

  2. Essential oils - I carry lavender and stress relief essential oils with me. If you're able, you could also carry a small travel diffuser and place this around the bride while getting ready. It will help destress and keep the bride in a calm state before the festivities begin. If you don't have a diffuser on hand, you can simply rub a little lavender or stress relief essential oil under the nose, on the temples, or even the top of the hand. The scent alone will help destress and calm.

  3. Lip gloss - this one I learned on my own wedding day; one thing you are going to be doing a lot of (almost as much as kissing your partner) is re applying lip gloss. On my wedding day, I was kissing my man a lot, especially during photos. It was crucial to have my lip stick on hand throughout the day to continue reapplying as needed. It's definitely a must have for every bride.

My Day-of Emergency Kit Checklist

Makeup wipes Feminine wipes Blotting paper Handheld mirror Tide stain stick Super glue Fashion tape Sunscreen Notebook Pens Scissors Essential Oils (lavender, stress relief) Perfume roller Lip gloss Toothbrush and toothpaste Floss Hand sanitizer wipes Cake cutting set Safety pins First aid kit Vaseline Chapstick Gold bond Q tips Lighter Mints White chalk Epi pen Ibuprofen Bug repellent Hand fan Cough drops Tweezers and nail clippers Stick roller Mouthwash Tampons Pads Panty liners Business cards Tissues Allergy relief Sewing kit Razors Combs Band aids Hair ties Bobby pins Hair Spray Female spray on deodorant Male spray on deodorant Female panties Zip ties Boutonniere pins Tums Batteries (AA, AAA) Thermometer