Connecting With Your Photographer and The Importance of Having your Engagement Session!

Guest: Lauren Shambo | Lauren Victoria Photography | Central, NY

Hi There! My name is Lauren Shambo. I’m the owner and photographer of Lauren Victoria Photography located in Central New York.

Ashley reached out and asked me to write a guest blog post on the importance of connecting with your photographer and to explain the importance of having an engagement session before your big day. I won’t lie, I sat at my desk and did a little happy dance. I felt so honored that she would choose me to speak on this topic as it is one that I’m very passionate about.

Let’s dive in.

Once in a while when a couple contacts me for wedding photography one of their first questions is, “Can we just skip the engagement session?” Nope! That’s not an option with me, and it really shouldn’t be for you either!

Engagement sessions are not only my favorite session but they’re so crucial for getting incredible wedding pictures.

At an engagement session I get to know my couples. I know if they can nail the model look, or if they’re more into the authentic moments where he’s whispering a little something in her ear making her giggle. Maybe it’s a blend. I learn all of that at an engagement session. I learn what side she prefers and if there’s anything about their story that I should highlight or weave into their pictures. I learn so much from the engagement session!

Imagine if I knew none of that. Imagine if we had skipped the engagement session and I was just walking into their wedding not knowing how they interacted. Not knowing what was important to them to capture. It would be a disaster!

Not only would I not know, but how awkward is it posing for someone you just met. By the time I’m shooting a couples wedding,

I’ve conversed with them multiple times and through multiple ways.

We’re almost always friends by the time wedding day comes around.

Guess what? It’s actually pretty cool when your friend is the photographer. You can relax, joke around, be authentic, and actually enjoy the whole photography process throughout the day.

Another big plus of forming a relationship with your photographer is trust and timelines.

Trust plays a huge part in photography. My couples always have to trust that I’m thinking of their best angles, while being creative, and having my lighting spot on. A lot goes into just one image. Trust me. I know what I’m doing. Whoever you hire to capture these special moments, make sure you trust them. If you don’t, don’t hire them! It’s so important, and it can help create timeless photos that emobdy who the two of you are as a couple.

Lastly, timelines! Aaahhh, this one is so important! It often falls on the photographer to keep things moving. Especially when it comes to family pictures. I’m talking about the big family picture, where nobody can ever find Uncle Phil or Aunt Tina. Have you ever been to one of those? It can easily become stressful, and things can start to fall behind. Not if you have a good photographer. It’s on the photographer to keep things moving, or make up later on for the lost time there.

All of this you will learn if you connect with your photographer and have an engagement session! It’s critical to the flow, and overall look of your images.

I hope this has given you a little insight into the life of a wedding photographer and the importance of not skipping your engagement session. You’ll view engagement pictures and your wedding photographer in a whole new light!

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Lauren Shambo

Lauren Victoria Photography