Day-of Coordination Services - and what to look for when hiring

Updated: Feb 5

There is a huge misunderstanding when it comes to hiring a Day-of Coordinator for your wedding or even a large corporate event!

I am here to breakdown the duties of a Day-of Coordinator and why their pricing may seem “too high” to most people.


First, a Day-of Coordinator is not someone who simply shows up the day-of your event and makes magic happen. No dear, they start coordinating with you up to 3 months prior to your event. There is much more that goes into actual Day-of Coordination. Let’s break it down:

Up to 3 Months Prior

The coordinator will reach out to start planning. From there, they:

  • Gather current vendor information

  • Reach out to booked vendors to review contracted event details

  • Reach out to any last minute vendors that may need to be booked

  • Create a timeline for final payments

  • Draft Day-of timelines for: rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, getting ready, photos, ceremony, reception, after party

  • Weekly meetings with the couple

  • Contract proofing and confirming details

  • Guidance of etiquette and logistics

Day-of (birds eye view)

  • Coordinate rehearsal with the officiant

  • Coordinate ceremony timeline

  • Check on Bride and Groom throughout the day

  • Assist guests as needed

  • Unlimited site hours

  • Coordinate and wrap up post event(s)

If that isn’t enough, I have more….because remember, that is just a birds eye view. Here is more detail for Day-of:

Rehearsal Management

  • Manage the wedding party and ensure everyone is in their places

  • Coordinate with the officiant for a smooth rehearsal

  • Coordinate with the musicians

  • Cue the wedding party and guide through the processional and recessional

  • Cue the musicians for the processional and recessional

  • Communicate with the designated person about holding rings during the ceremony

  • Help coordinate flow of the ceremony readings with the officiant

  • Cue any special readings or songs

  • Test run any AV (sound, projection, etc.)

  • Ensure all elements are stationed at the ceremony site (podium, chairs, guest seating, special ceremony elements, decor, etc.)

  • Run through ceremony flow 1 - 4 times depending on complexity and until everyone feels comfortable

  • Communicate wedding day timeline with family and wedding party

  • Rehearsal dinner announcements

Day-of Management/Ceremony

  • Day-of point of contact

  • Meet with vendors and any deliveries (including flowers, lighting, cake, etc.)

  • Direct vendors to designated areas for set up

  • Coordinate delivery, set up and tear down of ceremony decor

  • Manage no shows and last minute emergencies

  • Assist with décor set up and breakdown

  • Set out ceremony programs

  • Manage the wedding party and ensure everyone shows up on time

  • Assisting guests

  • Coordinate with the venue to ensure staff is prepared and ready

  • Coordinate and communicate with the officiant

  • Ensure all AV equipment is set and ready

  • Assign reserved seating as necessary

  • Ensure all vendors are in place

  • Distribute bouquets, corsages, etc. to the wedding party

  • Line up the wedding party

  • Cue the processional and recessional

  • Cue musicians and special readings

  • Ensure pictures run seamless and on time

  • Gather people for pre-ceremony pictures

  • Greet and seat late arriving guests

  • Coordinate the change-over for cocktail hour

Bridal Party

  • Check in with the bride and bridal party

  • Run errands as needed

  • Assist bride from seeing groom prior to wedding OR assist with the first look

  • Assist bride with first look with father

Groomsmen Party

  • Check in with the groom and party

  • Run errands as needed

  • Assist groom from seeing bride prior to wedding OR assist with the first look


  • Check in with all parents

  • Run errands as needed


  • Check in with all grandparents

  • Run errands as needed

Day-of Management/Reception

  • Oversee and manage reception

  • Coordinate deliveries

  • Manage set-up and tear down of décor

  • Coordinate with the vendors for set up

  • Walk vendors through the event space and set in designated locations

  • Coordinate with the photographer for pictures

  • Confirm proper floor plan is set up

  • Ensure seating chart and place cards are staged and placed properly (including toasting flutes, favors, menus, guest book, etc.)

  • Facilitate events:

  1. Wedding Party Introductions

  2. Bride/Groom Introduction

  3. First Dance

  4. Parent Dances

  5. Cake Cutting

  6. Toasts

  7. Dinner

  8. Bride/Groom Exit

  • Coordinate a special time for bride and groom (if possible)

  • Coordinate flow for dinner

  • Pack memorabilia (toasting flutes, cake cutting set, photos, money/card box, gifts, etc.)

  • Load wedding gifts at the end of the reception

  • Assist with break down of all decor at the conclusion of event

  • Assist with final payments to vendors (if necessary)

  • Assist with returning any rentals and/or borrowed items

  • Ensure the venue is left clean after break down

  • Deal with uninvited guests/wedding crashers (as needed)

Have I sold you yet?

If you haven’t noticed already, there is A LOT that goes into day-of coordination services. No proper Day-of Coordinator will just show up day-of your wedding and take things over. There are too many details and elements that go into that big day.

If you want your wedding or any event run properly and smoothly, the Day-of Coordinator should be taking the reins at least 3 months from event date.

At Toney Consulting, we offer a Wedding Management + Partial Planning Service.

Do you have the planning phase covered? No problem! We'll join in once all vendors have been booked and details need to be finalized.

LESSON: hire a Day-of Coordinator who will work with you at least 3 months from your event date and who will be engaging and interactive throughout final planning. If the company/person is only willing to show up day-of and work and not engage prior, then you are working with the wrong company/person.

Do you have questions? I’d be happy to answer.