Design Themes of the Summer

Summer isn’t over yet. You still have time to throw that unforgettable party you have been dreaming up -- drinking sunset cocktails under the warm summer sun while listening to some California beach music, having great conversation with friends and basking in the smell of food on the grill. It doesn’t get any better than that.

What are some parties you have been wanting to host? Are you having a difficult time crafting the perfect idea or theme to entertain your guests? Here are some fun summer party themes to get your creative mind working!

Tropical Fiesta Theme

Garden Tea Party Theme

Lobster Bake Theme

Sunset Cocktail Hour Theme

Backyard Seafood Boil Theme

Simple Summer Elegance Theme

After Dark Theme

California Beach Party Theme

Ice Cream Social Theme

Picnic in the Park Theme

Outdoor Movie Night Theme

Vintage Beach Party Theme

Under the Sea Theme

Hawaiian Luau Theme

Backyard BBQ Theme

Arabian Nights Theme

Palm Beach Pool Party Theme

Oyster Bar Theme

These are just a few themes of many that can be crafted to entertain your guests. The next step is organizing your event! Keep reading for more inspirational tips to help you create the unforgettable event of the summer.

1. Start thinking about a budget. Your budget will be the leading force in determining each element of your event. If you are looking for more tips on creating a budget, check out my latest blog post on creating your event budget.

2. How many guests do you forsee inviting? This will help determine where you can host the event. Venues have different capacities. First, determine how many guests you want at your party, then start looking for the perfect place to host your event.

3. When will the event take place? Depending on which month you choose to host your event, it can help in deciding your event theme. If you're hosting an event in July, it may be a perfect time to host a Backyard BBQ for Independence Day. August is prime time for pool parties as this is generally the hottest time of the year. September is perfect for a Backyard Seafood Boil. First think about when, then think about what.

4. It's time to pick a theme! If you're still having a difficult time crafting a theme for your event, I have a variety of inspirational ideas and tools to help you. Let's chat!

5. Design, Design, Design -- Once you have selected a theme for your event, it's time for the fun part, designing your event! Pinterest will be your best friend. When working with clients, we utilize Pinterest to create inspirational storyboards assisting in the design process.

6. Design and create your invitations. You can utilize print invitations or an

e-vite! There are many online platforms to create both print invites and e-vites.

7. Once the venue has been booked, all of the supplies have been purchased, the vendors have been booked, and the invitations have been sent, it's time to relax! Yes, that's right, I said it -- relax.

8. Simply enjoy your party, because you have officially thrown the most unforgettable party of the summer.

Need help planning your event? Let's chat!

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