Designing Our Wedding

Some may not know this (in fact, most may not know this), I nearly designed every aspect of our wedding. From the engagement ring and wedding bands, to my wedding gown and the events. Everything was custom made.

And none of it was planned!

First came the ring...

My now husband, being the amazing man he is, brought me into Kays Jewelers and said, "alright, let's design your ring". His Grandmother had given him her first engagement ring with the diamonds in tact. We took out the middle stone for use with the fully customized ring we were about to create and Kays replaced the stone with my birth stone.

We sat down with the specialist and away we drew - a completely fresh, trendy, uniquely ME ring was designed. What’s so remarkably special about the ring, is that it is unique to me and my husband. We created it together and are the only ones in the world to have this exact design.

While designing the engagement ring, we also designed the wedding bands. The engagement ring is surrounded by two full customized, forming wedding bands.

3D Design

Then came the dress...

My mother preserved the wedding gown she married my father in. They have since divorced, but I’m not superstitious like that and have always wanted to use her gown to redesign and wear it on my wedding day, so I did.

With a vision in mind and my sister close by, we sat down and started drawing. We both put in our unique ideas and from there a modern but classic gown was designed!

We completely stripped the arms off, opened up the chest, and cut out the entire back of the dress. The remaining pieces were the chest and full skirt and train. We did take some of those 80s bows off but the gown itself was too precious and beautifully unique that we couldn’t fathom doing anything else to it.

What is so special about the design, is that we barely added any material to the gown. We simply took away from what was already there and a new gown was created. The only pieces we added were lace for new sleeves and to line the V back. It simply accentuated what was already designed and the lace matched the existing lace on the gown. The satin that was sewed onto the arms and back was from one of the original bows.

The event design came next...

With the help of Pinterest, I developed ideas in my mind of how I could see the events designed. Unintentionally, we designed a beautifully unique vintage wedding weekend.

We are family focused people. It was important to us that we incorporate many elements of our family into our wedding.

From the candles at the ceremony to the pictures at our reception. Here is everything we incorporated into our wedding:

1. At our ceremony, we used my Aunts ceremonial candles that she used at her wedding.

2. When me and my sister were little, we were the flower girls at my Aunts wedding. We were given small heart shaped pillows to walk down the aisle with. We placed my pillow on our head table to commemorate that past experience.

3. At our reception, we had pictures printed and framed of family members at their weddings. This consisted of most Parents, Grandparents, Great Grandparents, and even some Great Great Grandparents. Below are only 2 images of the 15 we had on display.

4. The necklace I wore, my Grandparents gave to me on my 16th birthday.

5. The earrings I wore, are my mothers.

6. All parents and grandparents walked down the aisle at the ceremony.

7. We honored family members (who have passed) at our ceremony with a ceremonial lighting and placed framed pictures at our reception (of those who have passed) with candles lit in remembrance.

It was a beautiful weekend full of so much love and magic.

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