Designing Your Holiday Dinner Table - on a budget

Guest: Melissa Brindamour | Event Rentals & Design | Sincerely Melissa

For as long as I can remember, the Christmas table setting was one of the most important pieces of our holiday décor. It is one of my moms’ favorite parts of decorating for Christmas and I have always loved watching her set the table so beautifully. Now that I am older, it has become one of my favorite parts of decorating as well.

A beautiful table will set the mood for your entire dining experience but you don’t need to spend a lot of money to create a beautiful scape. I always begin designing by looking at what I already have, pull all of the things that I think would create a uniform look and put them into one place. From there, I can decide on a theme. For this one in particular, I wanted a very festive holiday look with red, white and green as that matches the rest of the aesthetic in my home.

If you don’t have everything you need laying around your house, repurpose! I wanted a greenery centerpiece this year however I didn’t want to buy a whole new arrangement. I had purchased this garland at the end of last year and it was the perfect replacement to a centerpiece! Had I not done this, I could’ve also trimmed a tree for evergreen clippings that would’ve given me a similar, free effect! Candles are one of the most inexpensive yet elegant focal points of almost any table setting that in my opinion, are the most important detail to create a warm, inviting atmosphere.

As far as place settings, you can either try to match your tablescape to the plates you already have, or purchase new ones that are more neutral. Dollar Tree has plain white dinner and dessert plates that are perfect for just about any table setting. I used gold chargers that I had, but you can also use placemats or nothing at all! I also used a holiday runner that was gifted to me last year. There are so many options for table runners such as dyed cheesecloth, sheer fabric, brown paper, plain greenery or a wide variety of different patterned cloth runners.

Folding napkins is one of my favorite parts of this process, for this table setting I did a knotted napkin. It is an easy fold that looks so elegant and can be dressed up by adding a sprig of greenery or florals for an extra pop.

How-to Fold a Knotted Napkin:

  1. Begin by ironing your napkins, then lay the napkin down on a flat surface and fold the napkin into a diagonal.

  2. Then fold the napkin accordion style until completely folded.