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Event Marketing – What You Can Do To Improve Your Attendee Rates

Every event needs to be advertised in order to attract attendees. Not all events require mass amounts of marketing and advertising, some may simply require word-of-mouth. In either case, you need to set up a marketing strategy to attract the “right” attendees.

There are three parts to an event marketing campaign:

1. Pre-Event Marketing

2. Promotion During the Event

3. Post-Event Marketing

Major corporate organizations will typically set up a mass event marketing campaign to attract the hundreds of attendees they are seeking. Small social groups will utilize social media and word-of-mouth to attract their attendees. Both groups are still utilizing event marketing techniques.

Major corporations may use tools like:

  • Bizzabo

  • Buffer

  • Hootsuite

Small social groups will focus on:

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Twitter

  • Word of Mouth

Both groups participate in each part of an event marketing campaign:

1. Pre-Event Marketing

2. Promotion During the Event

3. Post-Event Marketing

The corporate groups will create a formal project with major campaign goals such as ROI and conversion rates. These formal projects generally include a set timeline of events for the campaign, exact days and times for posting and publishing, event marketing tools to find and reach out to their target audience, and more. The organization will pre-generate content and automate posts and publications. They will leverage existing uses of successful marketing and advertising platforms to ensure they meet their campaign goals. This group will consider the following aspects of each part of the marketing campaign:

1. Pre-Event Marketing:

  • What are your goals?

  • What will you measure and which metrics will you use?

  • What is your target audience?

2. Promoting During the Event:

  • Live Tweeting

  • Live Streaming

  • Live Blog

3. Post-Event Marketing:

  • How will you follow up with your audience?

  • What will you share?

  • Will you promote your next event?

The small social groups may simply create an informal plan focusing primarily on increasing attendee rates. This group will post on their social media outlets prior to the event, notifying their followers of the upcoming event and sending out invitations. The event organizers and attendees will post content on social media during the event to promote their experience and can be in an effort to gain more “likes”, "shares", and “follows”. Post-event, the organizer and/or attendees may post a follow up to share their experience with followers who may have missed their content posted day-of event. Content from the past also creates content for future use with common hashtags such as #TBT. These smaller groups are consciously or unconsciously following the three parts of an event marketing campaign.

Regardless of the organization or group size, both groups need to set goals for their event to ensure a successful event marketing campaign. To do so, I have created a handy infographic following the 5 W’s: Why, Where, When, What, Weigh. Each step will walk you through setting up a successful event marketing campaign for your next event!

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