How Much You Should Spend on Wedding Planning Services

In life, products and services are only worth what people are willing to spend on them. When people ask how much wedding planning services should cost, it’s difficult to answer because honestly, it’s all relative.

The pricing of services depends on the scope of a couples wedding and how much planning will be involved for the event(s). This includes guest count, overall wedding budget, number of events involved in the wedding experience, wedding location, and so much more. When it comes to the overall wedding budget, planners need to know this information as they will be managing the couples budget. That in itself is an ongoing task that entails much attention.

The planner is responsible for all of the minute details and logistics that go into planning a wedding. That is what we have been trained to do. This includes:

· Vendor outreach, negotiation, booking, and management

· Site visits and tours

· Strategic diagram layouts and set up

· Budget management

· Detailed planning outline

· Day-of coordination and management

· And more!

Whether or not you should hire wedding planning services is another story.

We recommend every wedding couple books at the very minimum, day-of coordination services.

Let’s compare booking a wedding planner to tax season, shall we?

Last year I was so confident that I could do taxes on my own. I thought it would be more affordable for me and my family to do them on our own. It can’t be that difficult, right? I mean, H&R Block has an online platform that walks you through the entire process step by step. Easy peezy!

Except not...

After spending countless days and hours working through our taxes online, I was finally done. So I thought.

It said my husband owed money and that I would receive a small amount back in my return. This couldn’t be right.

After speaking with coworkers and taking a considerable amount of time to think about it, we decided to make an appointment with an H&R Block professional and give them a shot.

The comparison was unreal y’all. They are accounting professionals. They know all of the in’s and out’s of doing taxes.

We spent about $300 for their service, neither of us owed money to the government, and our tax return was out of this world!

So let’s bring it back to wedding planning services.

Like doing taxes on your own, you could plan this entire wedding on your own, but will you really be saving money? There is always the possibility of missing very important details, overlooking something, choosing the wrong vendors, and more. Paying more to invest in someone that is going to bring you more instead of take away more, is highly recommended.

Hiring a professional who is going to stop you from hiring that photographer you were just about to spend $4,000.00 on, whose package doesn’t even include high resolution digital images and a print release, is wise.


Because this professional planner has connections within the industry and vendor friends who will give her massive discounts all to help couples like you who are on a budget.

Let’s be real, friends.

You can’t be everywhere and do everything. That’s why there are professional planners and concierge services to help you and guide you.

So let’s go back to the original question...

How much should you spend on wedding concierge services?

Well this is my question for you:

How much is your time, stress, anxiety, guest experience, memories, and wedding worth?

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