January 2021 Feature Story - Nicole Beyrle

Nicole Beyrle | Floral Designer | IDoWeddingFlowers

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I met Nicole through another one of my very good florist friends, Ashley Kirnan with Tarry Grove. Their friendship and partnership is truly admiring. In an industry where there is so much competitiveness, they are two very respected business owners who truly enjoy working together and sending each other business! It's truly admiring and something I think we all should look up to.

I'm so excited to work with Nicole on some projects in the future. Her designs are out of this world and her creativity is outstanding. Here is more on her story and how to got into this biz.

Enjoy her story below.

Tell us about yourself - Where are you from and what did you wish to be/do when you grew up?

I was born and raised in and around the Rochester area, more West side, but have been familiar with the area my whole life. Fun fact, I didn't actually travel to Rochester until my teens but I have always lived less than an hour away. I honestly never had a dream goal of what I was going to be. I was very certain that I wanted to get married and have a family. I did however, always have a passion for the arts and took multiple classes all throughout school including, photography, ceramics, studio, graphics, and others. So I knew I wanted to be in something creative, whatever that was.

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What brought you to where you are today?

I did not attend college. Honestly my main goal in life again, was to be a mother. After multiple jobs that sucked the life out of my soul, I came across floral design. I began working in the floral industry when I was 18 and have now been in this business for 18 years. I think it is important for people to understand that you do not necessarily need a college degree to be successful, but you do need to be driven and determined.

What do you do professionally?

I am a floral designer for Events and Weddings!

What is the number one struggle you find in owning and running a business?

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Balancing having an actual life and securing family time. People constantly assume that because you own your own business you have the freedom to do what you want. Maybe some do, but as a business owner who is directly involved with my clients, I have found that my job will never be a 9-5, and I will always work a million hours more than what I am paid for. It is worth it MOST days. :)

What does a day at work look like?

Well, since COVID, I have also become a homeschool teacher. So my day evolves around constant start and stop in between emails, designing, executing events, teaching my children, letting the dogs out, keeping orthodontist/doctor appointments, maintaining a house in order, having a semi social life, remembering I have a husband, and then repeating that each day. It is a constant work in progress. No business starts out with all the ducks in a row as they say. It takes time, committment, diligence, patience, and perseverence to keep moving forward.

What do you spend the majority of your days doing?

See above :) When able, family time is my most important task. My family is everything to me.

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What year did you start your business and how long did it take to acquire a consistent client base?

I worked in the floral industry since I was 18 but branded IDoWeddingFlowers in 2017. I was lucky to begin with a client base which is exactly why I started the business. I had constant calls, texts, and emails about people interested in me designing their wedding flowers because I did so many favors for friends and families before branding off on our own.

What do you do to stay involved in the community?

I support as many local and small businesses as I am able and encourage people through social media to shop local and not big box. Even though I am a sucker for CTS and The Maxx! LOL

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What do you enjoy most about running your company?

I enjoy the freedom of being able to create how I want to and getting to choose who I work with. I always strived to try to accommodate every client until I realized that every client was not for me. It is ok to not be the right fit for someone and it is even MORE ok to just say NO.

Where do you see your business in 5 years?

We have plans to expand, but I do know I have no interest in selling retail, and no interest in having a store front. My focus is solely on Events and Weddings. I enjoy the big installations and creating one of a kind pieces that you do not get as often from everyday arrangements. I worked in retail flower shops for years and saw too many situations that made things repetitive and not creative. The uniqueness of each couple, and creating a reflection of them is exactly why I love what I do.

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What advice would you give to people your age looking to start their own business?

Stay focused. Be unique. Don't think things will happen overnight or fall into your lap. Being genuine is ESSENTIAL. You can only pretend to be what you are not for so long, so you need to brand yourself in a way that draws people to you for your creativity, not because you are like everyone else out there. Stay authentic and true to yourself.

If a child walked up to you and asked for your advice and you only had a few minutes to give them your best tip, what would it be?

Be unapologetically you! Do not ever change for anyone, and stand up for what you believe in. I would tell them what I tell my children every single day..."Be a leader, not a follower" You will never regret it.

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