June 2021 Feature Story - Dawn Meyvis

Dawn Meyvis | Event Designer | Something Borrowed Rentals

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Dawn has some of the most beautiful and unique rentals you'll find in Upstate. She takes such great care of all of her pieces and truly loves what she does.

We have a similar story in that we both came from corporate planning backgrounds which you'll often find in this industry.

She's very dedicated to her craft, connecting with others in this industry, and is committed to her business - wait until you see what time she was up until writing this article! Now that's dedication.

I could say so much about Dawn, but I'm sure you'd rather hear more from her instead. So without further ado...

Enjoy her story below.

What brought you to where you are today?

I have always loved creating visually appealing spaces - decorating is my jam. I’ve really enjoyed furniture restoration, remodeling and building our homes over the years, and helping others design their favorite spaces. I believe just as your home is a reflection of you, the same should hold true for your wedding or special event.

I was also a corporate event planner for six years, and was recognized for putting together events that were super creative with lots of details. So I’ve combined my passion for decorating with my past planner experience to create my boutique décor rental company, Something Borrowed.

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What do you do professionally?

Four years ago, I started my business Something Borrowed. After 17 years at a corporate job, I needed more. It is now my full-time focus.

Something Borrowed is a fresh and innovative boutique style rental company offering an exclusive line of statement décor and furnishings that go beyond standard rental items. Basically, we love to bring your Pinterest boards to life!

Our inventory is a curated collection of pieces all picked for their history, charm, or custom-made with love to make special days and photos memorable. We also can’t get enough of the latest trending styles. We specialize in unique décor including custom made arbors & backdrops, sweetheart tables, unique dessert displays, styled vintage and modern lounges & more.

The best part is we hunt, pack, haul, style, deliver & pick up so you can relax and enjoy your special day! And since you borrow them, you don’t have to worry about storing and selling afterwards.

Want to know which chair goes perfectly with that loveseat, just ask us. We love brainstorming ideas and ways to mix and match our line. We always enjoy chatting about your vision and how we can make it come to life!

Something Borrowed takes great pride in having exceptional customer service. Our team is here to ensure that your rental process is seamless and easy from the first call straight through to the completion of your event. It’s also important to us to be a design driven company and will continue to dream & create new and unique pieces to share with you.

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What do you enjoy most about running your company/working for a company?

I love building my circle. This journey is not only about the love for décor and making each event special, it's about the path and the people met along the way. From putting smiles on our clients’ faces to building relationships with our vendor friends. I always say it takes an army. It’s very important to us to have a close network of venues and vendors that we trust and have the same values. It means so much to be able to work closely with them and be excited to make recommends to our clients. I love supporting each other. Choosing partnerships is one of the most rewarding and powerful things you can do. And it makes all that we do so much more fun.

What is the number one struggle you find in owning and running a business?

The Reality: Most small business owners work harder than they used to work when they had a corporate job. People often think that being a small business owner is glamorous and comes with a carefree lifestyle because you have all the pretty things and showcase them on social media. The truth is the hours can be endless, and it’s hard to create boundaries especially working weekends to execute events and also keeping up with the inquires, planning, delivery logistics, packing and unpacking, etc. during the week. Example: I am writing this at 1 am. :)

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Where do you see the business in 5 years?

Success comes from an artful combination of humility, tenacity, and opportunity. None of those things happen overnight—despite what some may say. The first 5 years are tough building the brand & getting all the operational efficiencies in place.

The second 5 need to be innovate or die. I’ve had my ears open listening to our clients and eyes wide across the wedding & event industry. Our goal is to understand the changing needs of the industry and bring our clients & venues new ideas.

I love being a part of so many special memories and believe each piece of our collection has a story, a soul. I can’t wait to see where the next chapters take us. We are excited to have been working on some new plans to level up our offerings and can’t wait to share in the near future!

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What advice would you give to people your age looking to start their own business?

Focus on making connections, building relationships, sharing information & helping others. You don’t have to hand out your business cards on street corners, or work an entire room full of strangers. All you have to do is get out there and be genuine. You may not be able to see the all the tangible results after first, but trust me you are building your brand and they will come.

And as all the pieces start to fall into place, and when people see the successful company, you were able to build, please remember to be grateful when people call you lucky. Take this as a compliment. You made it look easy. As true entrepreneurs know, luck has nothing to do with it. It’s hard work.

If a child walked up to you and asked for your advice and you only had a few minutes to give them your best tip, what would it be?

Life is short. Do good things to be happy. And always eat the cake.

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