Maneuvering Through a World Pandemic

These last few weeks as an American have been chilling. Watching the world shut down around you is eye opening and truly a once in a lifetime experience. One day our lives were normal. We drove to work. We went shopping with friends. We had brunch on Sunday. The next, we were all quarantined to our home and self-isolating from the unknown.

The current state of the world could change life for over a decade if we aren’t careful. Many businesses are laying people off and closing their doors. There are talks of global shut downs for weeks, months, or even up to a year. All is unknown. Nobody can predict what is going to happen next or how we will manage what may come.

Scientists are still working diligently to figure out how to kill the virus, how it spreads, and how many different types of this virus there are. There are many medical workers globally working together to stop this. But in reality, we as a species need to collectively work together to stop this.

Why does it take a global pandemic for businesses to realize how they should be sanitizing work stations?

Why does it take a global pandemic for humans to learn how to properly wash their hands, let alone wash them in general?

Why does it take a global pandemic for humans to realize that this species is harming our planet? The very planet that allows us the opportunity to live. The planet that feeds us. The planet that gives us fresh water. The planet that gives us oxygen and fresh air to breathe.

Maybe, just maybe, a power greater than all of us is telling the human species to slow down. Maybe this greater power is allowing all of us the opportunity to stay home and reevaluate our lives and priorities. It is very likely that we will never get another chance in our lifetime to simply be still. To spend quality time with family. To live in the moment. To reprioritize our lives and realize what actually matters in life.

In doing so, Mother earth is healing herself. Air pollution around the world is decreasing. The Grand Canal in Venice is quickly cleaning itself. Maybe, just maybe, a power great than all of us is trying to teach us a lesson. If we don’t take care of this planet, this planet will not take care of us.

With all of that said, let’s get into the hospitality industry and discuss what this means for all of us. For wedding couples. For small businesses. For annual conferences. For venues.

2020 Weddings

As someone who works in this industry, I’ve watched hundreds of weddings cancel and/or postpone. The first piece of advice I want to give is for the wedding couples:

Please do