March 2020 Feature Story: Paul Eddie Toney, Jr.

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Paul Eddie Toney, Jr. | Owner & Baker | Eddie's Bakery

I entered business school with the goal of starting my own business one day. Throughout some of my first business classes, I knew my family business was special. The knowledge I was gaining couldn't go unused. This is when I started putting together ideas to help grow my family business.

When my Dad and Step Mother purchased the business in 2018, I knew it was go time. I pitched so many different ideas:

Starting a Facebook page

Creating an online shop for people to purchase product across the country

Creating brochures and marketing material

Business cards

and more!

The lists goes on and is constantly evolving. After we launched some of these ideas, the response was incredible! People love the stories we have to tell and always want to stay in the loop in what's going on at the bakery.

Without the support of my Dad, these ideas would have never come to life. I'm excited to see where the business takes them throughout the following years and can't wait to come up with more crazy ideas for them to grow the business.

In addition to my ideas, my Dad also always has crazy ideas of his own. From creating new product, to care packages, open houses at the bakery, and turning the bakery into a destination for visitors traveling from around the world.

Check out these delicious Maple Bacon Donuts he created a few years ago...amazing! This is just one of many new products he has introduced since taking over the family business. I couldn't be more proud of him.

This is an exciting time for my Dad, Step Mother, and the family business.

Enjoy his story below.

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