November 2020 Feature Story: Jonah Paulhamus

Jonah Paulhamus | Wedding Filmmaker + Cinematographer | Jonah Paulhamus Media

I first met Jonah when we started organizing our Fall Elopements this year in an effort to give back to the community during the global pandemic. Jonah joined us as one of the videographers and I'm so glad he did!

When we asked him to join us, he didn't even hesitate. He wanted to be involved and give back. Vendors who are willing to give like this without hesitation are the ones you want to surround yourself with.

This year was crazy. There's an entirely different level of service and organization that comes with planning an event/wedding during a pandemic, and Jonah was one of the amazing vendors who was completely invested in it all. We all knew these events would be difficult, and yet that didn't push him away. In fact, it was a driving force behind what we all were doing. Just as it was going to be difficult for us, it was going to be as difficult for our couples and this was our way to take a little pressure off.

Jonah's work is unreal. Usually I would give a little intro on his background but I'm going to share a little snippet of what he sent over, because it's truly remarkable. Enjoy!

"My passion for making films originally began when I was young. I studied filmmaking since I was a kid, learning most of what I know on my own through experience. This passion for movies eventually led to me becoming a professional cinematographer. Creating short films and marketing pieces for colleges, organizations, athletes and recording artists. It wasn't until 2016 when I was asked to shoot my first wedding. I had no background in the industry and was much more focused on my career as a filmmaker. But I found that my eye for cinematic storytelling that I gathered from shooting movies and music videos, brought a whole different look and style to wedding videography.

So I transitioned to wedding films and have been full time for the last 2 years! Occasionally, I'll go back to my roots with directing films and incorporating new techniques or camera gear into my wedding films. But when I get asked why I switched my career path, it's really simple. Telling stories and making movies is awesome and I love bringing ideas to the big screen. But there's something much more to capturing irreplaceable moments and bringing joy to so many couples through my films. Because for them, it's more than a video, it's being able to relive one of the most important days in their life. And for me, that's more important!"

~ Jonah Paulhamus

Enjoy his story below.

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Tell us about yourself - Where are you from and what did you wish to be when you grew up?

I grew up in a little rural town in Northern PA and knew from a young age I wanted to make and direct movies, but I never knew it would le