Planning An Intimate Nuptial

There are many different details to consider when planning an intimate nuptial or “backyard” wedding. To keep things simple, we're breaking down the information by category and providing top tips for each.

Happy planning!

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Ceremony design elements to consider:

  • If the budget will allow, consider renting Chiavari or cross back chairs. They will elevate the design of your nuptial as opposed to standard white garden chairs.

  • Don’t forget about aisle decor. To keep things simple, you could scatter rose petals down either side of the aisle, you could place rugs down the aisle if you’re going for a boho feel, or you could even put together floral arrangements to line the aisle. There are many cost-effective ways to elevate your ceremony.

  • Do you have an old, vintage mirror hanging up in your home or stored away in a garage? Repurpose it and utilize it as your Welcome sign. Consider placing sustainable confetti at the welcome station for guests to throw as you exit your ceremony as newlyweds!

  • The ceremony area is also another great location for guest favors. Especially during COVID, you can customize these by providing custom face masks or mini hand sanitizers in case people forget theirs. The bonus in providing custom face masks, is guests will be wearing masks that you don’t mind seeing in photos.

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  • Although these can be on the higher end of expenses, consider a floral installation for the arbor. TIP: reach out to your florist, provide them with a budget you’d like to stay within for the floral piece (i.e., $300) and they’ll create something beautiful for you without spending a fortune.

  • If you’re not hiring a DJ to keep costs low, remember you’ll need speakers, a microphone, cords to connect music, and a device to control music from. TIP: don’t forget a point person to run the music.

  • And finally, consider providing a live streaming option for those who cannot attend. You can do this via platforms like Zoom or Facebook. Those who cannot attend will surely appreciate this.

Reception design elements to consider:

  • I highly recommend providing seating arrangements for both ceremony and reception, especially the reception. If you have an old window frame or vintage mirror, you can repurpose this and utilize it to write your seating chart on. It adds another element of decor to your wedding. While this is great to ensure a COVID friendly wedding, it's also nice for guests in general. Most couples don't realize this, but guests would prefer to know where they are supposed to sit. It's really difficult as a guest attending a wedding and trying to find a seat or fighting for a seat at a table so you aren't separated from your family/friends. If you organize this in advance, it's easier for guests to find their seats and takes a level of guest difficulty out of the equation. You'll be glad you did.

  • Have someone move the ceremony table and signage to the reception space after the ceremony concludes. This will leave room in your budget for other elements.

  • Since you’ll be assigning seats, don’t forget table numbers and place cards at all tables.

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  • Remember to book the following because most catering companies do not provide these. If they do, they are at an additional cost: