Sweetheart Table or Head Table?

When planning a wedding, this is one element couples always struggle with.

Where do we sit?

Should our party sit with us?

Where should our wedding party dates sit?

Should we just sit by ourselves?

The questions go on and on…

Two things will always remain the same:

1. The wedding couple will always sit together.

2. The wedding party should not be separated from their dates.

This gets tricky when there is a large wedding party. Most likely, with a large wedding party comes a large guest list. Therefore, the venue is already large enough to accommodate a large head table.

Whatever you do, don’t make your wedding party dates sit elsewhere. They want to be with their sweethearts just as much as you want to be with your sweetheart. Not only that, sometimes their dates won’t know anyone else in attendance. Why place them at a table with strangers when they can sit next to their date?

Put yourself in your guests shoes when creating seating arrangements. We’ll chat about seating charts in a different post. For now, let's chat about where to place your wedding party.

You have a few options:

1. One head table that includes you (the wedding couple), your full wedding party, and your wedding parties dates.

2. One sweetheart table for you only (the wedding couple).

3. Your wedding party has a designated table with their dates.

Here is my opinion:

You’ve selected members of your wedding party for a reason. They have traveled to be with you on this special day, to support you and to HELP you.

Honor them by letting them join you at a head table.

And let their dates sit with them at