The Importance of hiring a videographer for your wedding

Guest: Stephanie Cerny | Professional Photographer & Videographer | Faithful Photo Co.

I’ll be the first to admit, if you’re not familiar with the wedding industry, video can seem like an unnecessary expense for a wedding budget.

You think:

“I’ve already hired my favorite photographer, so it seems like a waste of money.”

“Everyone has their smart phones and will be documenting the day."

“My Sweet Uncle has volunteered to use his camcorder to record the ceremony, which is really all I want anyways.”

This is legitimate reasoning. You ARE a smart person, trying to make the best decisions for what is hopefully one of the happiest days of your life. I’m not here to try and persuade you one way or the other, I just hope to be helpful and give you my thoughts on something I’m passionate about.

You should hire a videographer because:

1. Photography and Video are different

They are two completely different artistic mediums that require different equipment and fulfill a different purpose. Comparing them is like comparing Apples and Tacos. They’re two completely different food groups with different value.

My style of Video is true-to-life and intimate, I love capturing the emotions in between moments. You won’t believe how much you didn’t get to take in on your wedding day, until you see it play back before you in real time.

2. Your guest are there to enjoy themselves and celebrate YOU

One of my favorite parts of videoing any wedding is capturing the guests and how they interact with the couple. You are surrounded by the people who love you most, and it’s nice to know that they enjoyed themselves, and were honored to support you on that day.

I have also had instances where loved ones have passed, or the couple isn’t near family anymore and some of the footage taken on that happy day is one of the memories of that person my clients treasure most.

3. You really DO want the ceremony recorded, but not by a relative.

Save yourself the aggravation of having to worry about whether or not they’re doing it the right way, or having to hunt them down later only to find they accidentally deleted the footage.

I will say, in some cases, tech savvy nieces or nephews can come through and produce some great video of the ceremony but, (in my opinion) It’s best to have someone dedicated to that job specifically.

4. That’s not really ALL YOU WANT

You don’t realize that you actually DID want someone there to record the getting ready, and the ceremony, and the speeches and the dances until you don’t have any way to see it for yourself.

There are so many folks that I’ve encountered that will tell me openly that they regret not having these things recorded, or not having it done well.

Now, moving forward, here are some pointers for hiring the best Videographer for you:

1. Do a little research

Find a videographer who’s work you love. Or if someone is recommended by a friend, make sure to ask to see what work they’ve done. Watch some Youtube videos of wedding films and figure out the style you most gravitate too. Are you cinematic, documentary, romantic, whimsical, sitcom style, etc. 

2. Clearly outline your expectations

In the preliminary search, and all through the process, this type of communication is key. Be open about your thoughts and ideas, and make sure to be specific about moments you’d like captured if you have preferences, and make sure they have a full breakdown of the schedule and are notified if it changes.

A side note here for those who are taking a chance and hiring a beginner: Thank You! You have no idea the Value you add to an amateurs skill by trusting them with this job.

If you do have minimal expectations and really only want certain things captured, consider hiring someone who’s starting out. It tends to be more economical, and as long as you communicate well, you might find it's a good fit for someone who maybe wouldn’t have considered hiring one at all.

3. Sit Back and Enjoy your wedding day

Once you’ve found the person you trust to document the day, allow them the artistic license and freedom to do their job in the way that they excel at. You are hiring an Artist. Someone completely unique and valuable to create something with you as the subject, for you to afterward view and keep. It’s a gift from their heart to yours, and that's something you can never recreate.


I hope you enjoyed the tips, and I’m always happy to answer any questions you might have.

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