Tips for Couples: preparing for photos on your wedding day

The title of this blog really explains it all, so I'm just going to dive right into this topic!

As a planner, I guide couples in preparing for their big day. A large part of their wedding day is the photography, let's be honest. And boy is there a lot that goes into preparations for that.

With wedding season about to kick into high gear, I wanted to give couples some quick tips on preparing for photos on their special day and what things you'll want to remember to bring along with you day-of.

Let's dive in!


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Some of the smallest details are forgotten and lost in the mix of everything else that needs to be taken care of on the big day. Remember to put together a “shoe box” as Lauren Shambo (of Lauren Victoria Photography) would say. In this “shoe box” include your full invitation set inclusive of the envelope with other elements like ribbon, ring box, perfume, necklace, etc.

TIP: do not forget the envelopes!

Put together a shot list. While you don’t have to put down exactly every photo you would like captured, it’s a great way to prepare your photographer so they have an idea of the types of photos you want. This also includes family combinations when it comes time for family portraits. You don’t want to miss that photo with Uncle Joe! Keep in mind, your photographer will most likely prep you with these kinds of materials prior so at least be ready when they ask for it and start thinking about these details.


My hope is that you’ll have already spent at least one session with your wedding photographer before the big day. That is why I always highly recommend you get your engagement photos taken with your wedding photographer. This is the perfect way to get to know your photographer and for your photographer to get to know you.

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Your photographer is able to learn more about your personalities and which angles are best for you as a couple, maybe what lighting is best for you, etc. And if you’re uncomfortable in front of a camera, this is a great time to break the ice, not on your wedding day. If you do this, you’ll be much more relaxed on your wedding day and that will translate through in your photos.

Be in the moment

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