Unplugged Weddings: Yay or Nay?

This can be a sensitive topic. But it’s a topic that MUST be talked about.

Imagine this…

It’s your wedding day, regardless of whether you are the bride or the groom.

It’s that big moment – the bride is walking down the aisle..

All the bride and groom see are people hanging out of the aisles with their phones trying to take pictures and video.

They look back on this day through photo albums and all they see are people leaning in towards the aisle with their phones out.

As a bride to be myself, I am going to be honest...

If I see people at my ceremony with their phones out

I will turn into the Hulk. I’m not kidding.


To give you a visual, I’ve grabbed some professional photos where this exact scenario has happened.

By: Cricket's Photo and Cinema

By: Cricket's Photo and Cinema

Photo Taken By: Thomas Stewart Photography

Cricket's Photo and Cinema

As an old school girl myself, sometimes I just want to live in the moment which is why you don’t see many lifestyle images or videos on social media.

It’s important to respect moments such as a wedding ceremony. Live in the moment and know that after the wedding, you’re going to see TONS of professional photos from the ceremony that you can share with your network. But that moment during the ceremony is not the time to have your phone out.

For my wedding couples, here is what I recommend:

It can be tricky to tell guests that they can’t have their phones out for the entire wedding. So I would recommend simply having your ceremony unplugged. More than likely, guests will be at their seats during your first dance, so the photographer and videographer can capture some beautiful footage even if people have their phones out in that moment.

For my wedding guests, here is what I recommend:

As a professional event planner AND bride-to-be, please silence your phone during the ceremony and keep that phone locked in your pocket or in your purse. Hek, leave it in the car!

Then when you arrive to the reception, you can check in on those text messages and social media posts and take any pictures you want.

But when the bride is walking down the aisle, that is NOT the time.

Just please, for the love of God, don’t take out your phone during the ceremony.