Videography: Yay or Nay?

As a professional wedding planner, it’s my responsibility to provide sound advice and realistic options for my wedding couples.

One question that remains to be consistent is:

“Should we hire a videographer?”

My answer: without a doubt…”YES!

Your wedding day only happens once. Your photographer will capture timeless photos and candids of you on your special day. But they are stills. You can’t bring them to life. A video brings your wedding back to life every single time you press play.

My wedding day was a blur. Honestly, I could cry at the thought of it.

I was wedding planner and bride. My mother and maid of honor (my sister) decorated the church while my hair was being styled. I didn’t get any photos with them getting ready.

I helped set up the floral arrangements at our reception venue the morning-of giving us limited time to get ready together.

It was brutal.

I look back and wish I could have a “do-over”. I don’t remember half of what happened that day.

But I can tell you this…

I thank God every day that my husband and I chose to hire a videographer because now I can relive it all. Every day. As I wish.

If we didn’t hire a videographer, all we would have are the memories and the feelings that the photos bring when we look at them.

I LOVE photos. Don’t get me wrong. Our photographer was an angel. Her work is priceless and BEAUTIFUL. But there is something so much different about videography. The movement really brings moments back to life.

Here’s a sneak peek into our magical day.


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