Wedding Dress Shopping - what you need to know before you shop!

With the holidays in high gear and discounts running wild, most soon-to-be brides are getting ready to start their wedding dress shopping.

And with dress shopping comes mixed emotions:








and the list goes on…

As a bride-to-be, you will experience a rollercoaster of emotions from the day you get engaged to the day you say ‘I do’. It is quite literally inevitable. That is what I am here for, right?

Today we are going to chat about your wedding dress shopping experience and how you can prepare for the experience so that you aren’t caught off guard if something doesn’t go as planned, if someone’s negative opinion is expressed, and if you can’t seem to find ‘the dress’.

First and foremost,

Set a budget.

Always go into your dress shopping experience with a budget. Any shop you visit will ask you a variety of questions to help hone in on the dress you are looking for and that is the biggest question.

Below are the questions you should expect to answer:

  1. What is your budget?

  2. What style are you looking for?

  3. Do you have any inspirational images?

Factor in additional costs. Don’t try on gowns out of your budget. The tag price for a gown is exactly that; for that gown and that gown only. You need to also consider additional costs for alterations and your veil.

So while your gown itself may cost $1,000.00, be prepared for a $200.00 expense for alterations and a $100.00 expense for the veil.