What Couples Often Miss When Planning Their Wedding

Throughout my experience planning and assisting some amazing weddings for clients, I’ve realized that there are common topics when it comes to elements the couple misses when planning their wedding.

I’m going to break them down in this article for you and give you advice on each to help you as you plan one of the biggest days in your life. These tips will apply to any wedding size. Whether you're hosting a 25 person wedding or a 300 person wedding.

Little Details

Lauren Victoria Photography

#1: Clothes Hanger for the Gown

Detail shots may not always be on the couples’ mind going into their big day, but they certainly are for the photographers and videographers. Make sure you bring a “pretty” clothes hanger to showcase your beautiful gown. You’ll appreciate this little detail when you get your photos and video back.

#2: Cake Cutting Set

Lauren Victoria Photography

Since day one of planning your wedding, you knew exactly how you wanted your wedding cake to look. The little details, the flavor, the colors, everything. But how are you going to cut it? Whether you provide a custom set or you have the baker or a rental company provide a set, simply make sure you have a set!

Lauren Victoria Photography

#3: Set Aside An Additional Invitation Suite

Similar to the wedding gown, you’re going to want the photographer and/or videographer to capture your invitations too! Sometimes the photographers and videographers will supply a list of these items you want to bring day-of but they don’t always. So be sure to set aside (1) full invitation suite when you send out your invitations and start collecting pretty little details that you want to include with the detail shots. This can be things like:

  • Ring boxes

  • Ribbon to match your wedding color palette

  • Shoes

  • Little trinkets that have meaning to you both

#4: Designate a “Photo-Wrangler”