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You made it to this page which means you are ready to plan one of the most special days of your life and I want to be there every step of the way. Are you ready?

As a full service event planning company, I offer everything from day-of coordination and partial planning to full planning and everything in between. All services are customizable and can be designed based on your planning needs. I tailor design and styling services to ensure I create and execute unforgettable experiences for you and your guests. 

Below are elements I can provide and mix together to create a custom service based on your planning needs. Each clients planning journey is unique and comes to me at a different stage of the planning process. In offering services this way, I am able to create fully customizable services to efficiently and effectively serve your needs.

When designing your customized planning service I take into consideration which stage you are in the planning process and where we need to begin. This will direct our timeline of events and at what stage I jump in to help you. That said, each clients needs will be different at each stage. Therefore, I do not outline monthly tasks below as each client will require assistance in different ways.

want to make this process as seamless as possible for you. Wedding planning shouldn’t be a stressful time. It should be an exciting time! That’s why I've created a plan and the tools to help you enjoy the process.

Keep in mind, there are many moving pieces to planning a wedding. Should you want additional services not listed below, simply let me know. Planning services are completely customizable. 

Here is how I can help you:


Working closely with the client to ensure a realistic budget is set for the event(s). Once the budget is set, design and creation of events are focused around those requirements. Throughout the planning process I manage costs to ensure the budget is met and not exceeded.


Venue research and thorough site consultations remotely and/or in person. All venues will be selected by client prior to signing of the contract. This includes proofing contracts and confirming details with vendors. 


In depth entertainment research and selection process. Review entertainers riders and connecting with venue(s) on requirements. All entertainers are fully vetted.


Negotiating with vendors to ensure best possible rates are provided for the client. Management of vendors from booking to day-of coordination. All vendors are fully vetted. I utilize tools created in-house to manage vendors and stay on budget.


Outreach to a minimum of 5 vendors, depending on clients needs. Vendors include entertainers, bakers, caterers, photographers, videographers, designers, rental companies, venues, and more. All vendors will be approved by the client prior to signing of the contract.


Conceptual development and design using techniques to create a positive and meaningful experience for guests. Event design is tailored to the clients preference of theme or venue location.



Unlimited proposal revisions. Once the proposal is signed by the client, it is thereby considered an official contract. Terms and conditions will apply.

Organized schedule of all events including rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception, and beyond. This includes set up/breakdown dates and times as well as vendor arrival times. Each event (rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, ceremony, reception) will require a timeline of events. I will coordinate the run-of-show based on venue and vendor requirements.


Coordination and management of transportation for client and guests. Includes manifest creation and management. I will handle booking transportation vendor(s) and ensure you and your guests are properly taken care of day-of. Transportation is the last thing you want worry about day-of. I suggest letting someone else handle it for you!  


To ensure a cohesive decision making process, scheduled meetings with the client will be set as needed. Depending on which stage in the planning process you have reached, client meetings will be set up accordingly. During each milestone of the planning process it is critical that the planner and the client meet to ensure all parties are updated.


Onsite coordination and management of all elements from vendors, set up. to entertainment and venue management ensuring all details of the event(s) are seamless and meet client expectations. As the day-of coordinator, I handle all logistics, operations, and production ensuring you enjoy the most special day of your life. You don't want to stress about vendors, set up, or breakdown down after your reception. Let me take on these duties so that you can enjoy this day with your sweetheart and ride off into the sunset.


Full custom website design. Throughout the planning process I will make the necessary updates to your wedding website to ensure your guests stay updated. 


Are you planning on taking care of logistics, operations, and production day-of? I got you! Once all plans have been made, contracts have been signed and orders are in place, I create a Day-Of Binder that includes all information pertinent to running your wedding day-of. From the rehearsal to the reception, you'll have the tools and information needed to run a seamless wedding. 


A customized program for the ceremony and reception as well as food and beverage menus for guests.

Wait! There's more...

By simply booking with me, you'll receive some free goodies!


This is your big day, I know you're going to want to be a part of the planning process. I've created an organized detailed checklist to keep you on track and a part of the planning process. This is an inclusive checklist that includes planning from 12+ months out to day-of and beyond.


Researching vendors can be one of the more daunting tasks when planning your wedding. I don't want you to feel overwhelmed which is why I've created a list of vendors I have personally vetted and trust will make your day a special day.


I am a professional planner for a reason which is why I know the kinds of questions you will ask. This FAQ sheet will cover many questions I've been asked by clients in the past and questions I foresee you asking in the future.


As professional planners I've seen the ins and outs of many events. With the experience I have and the lessons I've learned, I've created a sheet to guide you through the planning process, things to look out for, and setting realistic expectations

You'll also find our recommended online tools to utilize during the planning process and how to create your wedding website!


I offer multiple wedding planning services in addition to a customized service. All services are based on an all-inclusive flat fee and are based on the wedding and its complexity.

What distinguishes Toney Consulting among other planing companies, is my pricing structure. I charge a flat fee to save you money. There are no hidden fees. Charging a percentage incentivizes other planners to spend more of the client’s money. I want to save you money AND provide top of the line service.

Each package is based on a starting flat fee. Additional elements added will increase the cost of any planning service.



Starting at $8,000.00




Starting at $4,000.00



For more information and a full listing of services offered, contact us today. Let's start planning!

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Here are some answers to questions you may have...


Do you offer payment plans?

Yes I do! In fact, since the global pandemic hit, I have customized our payment plans to accommodate a smaller non-refundable deposit and monthly payments. I am sensitive with my clients wallets and want to ensure money is the last thing you stress about when planning your big day.


Will we lose control over design and planning of our wedding day?

Absolutely not! It is my responsibility as a planner to help facilitate and ensure your vision is brought to life. When you work with me, we are a team. As the couple, you have as much involvement in the planning process as I do. No decision is made without you knowing. In fact, you are as much a part of the decision making process as anyone else.


Will we have limited contact with you while planning?

Not at all. Upon booking, you receive full access to me throughout the entire duration of the planning experience. Beyond our monthly scheduled meetings, you'll have access to me as needed via phone, video calls, in-person, email, and texts.


What happens if you can't work our wedding day-of?

While I can't control force majeure events, I do try my absolute best to be at all events I plan. If for some reason I am unable to work your wedding day-of, I work with some of the best planners across the country who I can contact at a moments notice to work the wedding in my place.

Still have more questions?

Email me via the form below. I'd love to connect and answer any questions you may have.

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